What do we know for sure? (Which of course is where Descartes started,) What is the minimum one must admit to be true? What is the maximum one can be sure of? Is the Universe purely material? Do we have souls? If so, is it reasonable to think they might survive death?

This Blog is devoted to the discussion of such issues. I argue that consciousness is obviously not the product of matter (as defined by materialists themselves), and so is beyond the scope of contemporary science. Such questions are philosophical / metaphysical, and science (despite its being humankind’s most majestic invention) is not equipped to deal with them.

I argue against (1) materialism, (2) fundamentalisms of all kinds, including atheist fundamentalism, (3) superstition, (4) scientism, (5) unreason.

I am the author of three books on this kind of topic, namely:

Shadows in the Cave: Mapping the Conscious Universe (1990) Penguin;
Does it Matter? The Unsustainable World of the Materialists (2005) Floris, Edinburgh,
Living on Purpose: Meaning, Intention & Value (2008) Floris, Edinburgh.

I do hope you enjoy my Blog.

Graham Dunstan Martin

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